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Be Amazing Today

Final Post 71 of Writing the Wall

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There are about 70 ways I've written about to choose to be amazing today, and that's what these Writing the Wall posts have been all about. The aim has never been to win at running or be a successful writer (although, full disclosure, I'll take that too!). The aim is to live--to live a full life and a meaningful life. The aim is to live well and with kindness. Running and writing illuminate and reveal, they fill the cup and challenge the spirit. They are gifts and tools and they are work and recreation.

I saved these 71 calendar pages because they nudged and reminded me to do just that--to live, and live well. So I can pick any one of these 70 posts to guide me--today I could be amazing by:

bending the way life wants me to go, even if it's scary

trusting what I know in my bones

giving my body good food

being thankful

expecting the best for myself

remembering that beast mode is a mindset

pacing myself

imagining an awesome life

honoring my grandmother and the road she paved

showing up for myself, no matter how that looks

remembering that this setback is also a fresh start, and that's pretty cool

taking chances, because you never know what might be in store

working on my mental fitness (there are no limits there!)

deciding: actually, I can

choosing what I want most over what I want now

honoring the importance running and writing play in my life

writing my own story about aging

making progress exactly where I am today, no matter how small

shooting for the moon, even from my crutches

or any of the 50 other options I wrote about.

Talk to yourself kindly. Take a risk. Hold out hope. Dream a big dream. Be Amazing Today.