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What You Know In Your Bones

Post 69, December 31st


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It's December 31st, New Years Eve, and I want to wrap up this Write the Wall challenge I gave to myself months ago. I have been writing and revising and rewriting my response to this quote for a number of days and I just, once again, scrapped what I wrote.

As it turns out, I do not need a lot of explanation to reflect on this quote because it boils down to this: the thing I have not done with consistency over my lifetime is to trust my gut and act on it. It applies to my life as a runner and my life as a writer and my great, big, beautiful life as a whole. I think I know where that comes from, but that's a story for another time. The bottom line is I often hesitate and second guess myself instead of follow, with abandon, what I know is right in my bones. It takes a good bit of confidence to do that, which I've earned back over the past six years, and it takes some joy, which I'm chasing. It takes enthusiasm, which is brave, and it takes some belief and faith that the thing I think I cannot do, what I know in my bones is the next step, is exactly what I must do, even if it appears a little foolish and even when I can't see where it's leading me.

You must do the thing you think you cannot do is simple: it's a mantra for a new year--a reminder that I can trust I'm doing the right thing and heading in the right direction.