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Falling Through the Door

Day 48, August 24th


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This morning I was up and at 'em early, which is usual for me. I had a big day ahead so I was in that power mode of getting stuff done before I left for the day--it's like having a day before the day even begins. I guess there's nothing wrong with that intrinsically, occasionally, but there is the danger of that becoming your modus operandi, which it kind of has for me. I like getting up and working, it's just that the pace and pressure of what I think needs to get done is too much expectation every day, especially if it gets me kind of wound up, which it did today. I can be kind of stubborn, so the gods of reason decided to knock some sense into me, and my body stepped up to the plate and took one for the team to learn the lesson.

I was full on wound up when I raced out the door with everything I needed for the day. I loaded up the car, drove to the gym, and pulled into the lot with no minutes to spare to meet my coach. I opened the door to the small entryway and could see my coach sitting at the desk. Thankfully, he had his back to the door. I opened the second door and as I charged through I caught my foot and took a header--an epic Superman fall through the door. I mean, I was airborne. It was exactly the same fall I took during my trail race in April. It was fast and furious and I hit the ground hard. The saving grace was there was no one in the gym and my coach was behind the half wall. I cannot stress enough how I did not see it coming--I was charging in the door, then flying, and then flat on the ground. It didn't knock the wind of me, but it did knock the morning out of me, and my mind got in line tout suite.

My coach said we were driving to the workout spot for the day, and I followed him in my car. One of my fingers was ballooning to twice it's size and my already bad knee had taken a big hit, too--and I started to laugh. I could feel that I had just gotten a big, fat gift. A weird delivery, but a gift all the same. My mind was quiet and chastened, and my body was in charge, which proved out over the next hour and the twelve hill repeats I did.

I never could have guessed that the best thing that could happen to me to change the course of my day would be to take an epic fall. I wouldn't have chosen that left to my own devices. I like to imagine a little committee out in the ether, sipping their celestial coffee, watching my morning, shaking their heads, and concluding: You know what she needs? She needs to fall through the door.