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(my post from New Year's Day 2020)

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It’s a BRAVE New Year. No resolutions, just a word. No shying away from the past. And not getting too far ahead of myself into the future. New Year’s is my favorite holiday. It’s a thinking holiday. For me, it’s about reflection, and then some dreaming and planning and goal setting. I tend to move slowly, tentatively. Slow is okay with me, that’s who I am. But I’m replacing tentative with BRAVE. A lot has happened the last 3 ½ years, including the movement from the pic on the left to the one on the right. So my first BRAVE move of the year? Showing this picture. Throughout this whole experience, I have NEVER shown this pic. And, now, looking at her—me—I realize she was a phenomenally BRAVE woman. She was the one who showed up at @kirkdewindtpt looking for change, asking for help. She was the one at the lake, exposed, running 30 seconds, walking 3 minutes for 45 minutes at a time—defeated and determined all at the same time.

She is me, and I am her and we are BRAVE.

So 2020’s challenge to me: Go Do Life BRAVELY. Make BRAVE choices, make BRAVE decisions, race BRAVELY, run BRAVELY, do obstacles BRAVELY, write things, start things, quit things, try things, fail things, fall off things, hang on, let go, TAKE PHOTOS, Love BRAVELY…Life is awesome and precious, and finite, and I am going to make that girl on the left proud and show her that she did the right thing and I’m not taking it for granted. Happy, Happy, Happy New Year (with a heart) #BRAVE #kirkdewindtpt #lionsgymandwellnesscenter #spartan #spartanwomen #grateful #running