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Actually, I Can

Day 57, September 2nd

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This is, by far, my favorite calendar page, so I didn't reduce the size like I have on all the other pages for these posts. Actually, I can. I need to see this every day. It's only been six years, after all, since I started down this new road. So much has changed in my life, but some things still linger in the shadows, so I have this page front and center on the wall, and it's the first thing my eye goes to when I sit down at my desk. Actually, I can. It's so simple, so straight forward. It's not bossy or lame or funny or serious. It's not even encouraging in a cheerleader sort of way. It's plain spoken and clear--no frills, no drama. Actually, I can.

But, Actually, I can what? That depends on the day, but here's a short list:

Actually, I can:

Run. Write. Rest. Hustle

Actually, I can:

Go There. Stay Here. Have that. Or Give That Away. Buy a Truck. Run a Hundred Miles. Run 10 miles. Run 10 minutes

Actually, I can:

Say Yes. Say No. Let Go. Hang On. Be Happy. Be Myself

Actually, I can:

Dream Big. Forget My Age. Embrace My Age. Listen to My Heart. Trust My Gut. Act Accordingly

Actually, I can:

Love. Risk. Fail. Win

Actually, I can design my life. Actually, I can feel free. Actually, I am strong. Actually, I have hope. 

Actually, I can.